Welcome to McDonagh Demolition!

As a Chicago-based, Class A Demolition Company, McDonagh Demolition specializes in demolition and wrecking; and when we say we specialize, you can rest assured that we have all of the requisite knowledge, experience and expertise, married with the right, highly trained staff and equipment, to get it done right, safely and without unnecessary headache and incident.

McDonagh Demolition can and will perform a wide variety of demolition related services, from interior demolition (and sometimes renovation), to the exterior projects to include excavation, grading, concrete removal, concrete installation, underground services, utility management from deconstruction to installation, all site work, both sewer and water, and also water management, contaminated soil removal, hazardous waste removal, oil and fuel tank removals – and all of the services described here, are performed for any sized project – from residential to the commercial and industrial sectors.

McDonagh Demolition, Inc., owns, operates and maintains a substantial fleet of equipment, enhanced by our substantial complement of talented, experienced, professional, personable and reliable Staff, Crews and Subcontractors. With our experienced and expert team, we complete your projects with best practices, effectively and efficiently, on time, and within budget. From initial mobilization to completion, McDonagh Demolition has the know-how and expertise to coordinate everything necessary, the Can-Do attitude to get it done, from expert permit processing, engineering and testing, to the onsite management by our expert teams. We operate and broad scale of managing multiple contracts and all of the trades because, we can handle it all. Call upon us today, and let McDonagh Demolition, Inc., demonstrate to you our professional experience, the experience necessary to satisfy any project schedule, and fulfill your construction needs, under any conditions.

  • General Contracting

    McDonagh Demolition will oversee the entire project schedule while managing all vendors and trades and keeping the owner up to date on all activities.

  • Demolition Services

    McDonagh has the experience and expertise to demolish any size project from large industrial buildings to residential to selective interior projects.

  • Sewer & Water

    McDonagh Demolition has years of experience with installation, repair, or removal of all types of storm sewer, sanitary sewer and water service lines.

  • Environmental Remediation

    McDonagh Demolition has completed projects containing asbestos abatement; hazardous, non-hazardous, and special waste disposal; above or below ground storage tank removal and disposal.

  • Site Recycling

    McDonagh Demolition is going green. All materials that can be recycled and diverted from the waste stream are sent to transfer centers. Recycled items include, but not limited to: lumber, metal, asphalt, masonry, and concrete.

  • Excavation

    McDonagh Demolition has the experience, personnel, and equipment to excavate, backfill, and grade project sites of all sizes and shapes.

  • Site Development

    McDonagh Demolition’s experienced staff will help guide site owners from the pre-construction phases of planning or design all the way through close-out and grand openings.

  • Site Preparation

    McDonagh Demolition has over 10 years of experience in readying project sites of varying sizes for future development per the owner’s scope and criteria.