McDonagh started as a demolition company so it is no secret that demolition is our specialty.  McDonagh is a qualified Class A Demolition contractor for the City of Chicago.  We are pre-qualified to perform work in a multitude of different entities in and around the Chicagoland area.  We have the experience to make any demolition project as seamless as possible for the owner.  McDonagh knows all the rules and regulations regarding environmental hazards including asbestos, contaminated materials, lead abatement, and oil and fuel tank removals.  McDonagh is knowledgeable of all permit processes including closures of public ways, environmental issues, and storm water planning.

McDonagh is able to assess any project prior to demolition to know approximately how long the demolition will take and what equipment will be required for each project depending on the project’s size and location.  McDonagh will dispose of the materials removed by recycling, scraping or hauling to an off-site legal and licensed disposal facility.  McDonagh prepares each and every demolition site to minimize all disruptions and exposure to the surrounding residents, businesses, and pedestrian traffic.  We have the ability to utilize and operate specialized equipment and skilled personnel to ensure that the disruptions to the surrounding community are kept to a minimum.

Not only do we perform complete demolition of structures, we also have the ability to perform selective demolition and interior demolition. This includes but is not limited to removals of chimneys or portions of buildings.  We are able to salvage items from a project that the owner requests to be saved.

Demolition Services:

  • Total Demolition
  • Selective Interior/Exterior Demolition
  • Foundation Removal
  • Excavation
  • Remediation
  • Site Grading