Client – Cook County Highway J.O.C. Program Project

Project – Hintz Road and Wheeling Avenue; Wheeling, IL

Overview McDonagh Demolition was hired through the Cook County Highway J.O.C. program to demolish and remove the roadway and associated curbing at the northwest corner of Hintz Road and Wheeling Avenue. The area was failing and gave the impression that the street, the traffic handhole and the traffic light were collapsing into what they thought was a sink hole. McDonagh was to locate and expose the sinkhole and then cap the opening and provide new compacted granular fill for the new road, curb, handhole and traffic light base. After starting the excavation work it was discovered that there wasn’t a sinkhole but a section trench by a utility company from the manhole to the right-of-way that contained approximately 6’ of unsuitable materials that had to be removed and replaced with compactable granular fill material. McDonagh completed the backfill work, the roadway patching, new curbing, a new leveled handhole and the traffic light was relocated to a new level concrete base. We also provided a new handicapped sidewalk with a detectable mat was provided and the disturbed green areas were seeded and blanketed for restoration.

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