Client – Public Building Commission
Project – Woodlawn High School
Overview – 7327 S Woodlawn; UST Removals
A Chicago City owned triangular-shaped 2.3 acres vacant site which exhibits remnant building pads, foundations and other improvements from historical site use. McDonagh Demolition Inc.’s job was to secure necessary permits from the City of Chicago Dept of Environment, Illinois Dept. of Environment and have the tanks pumped, cleaned and removed. Disposed of four (4) known UST tanks. A total of eight: 1 – 2,500 gallon, 1 – 5,000 gallon, 1- 7,000 gallon, 3 – 10,000 gallon, 1 – 12,000 gallon and 1 – 14,000 gallon tanks were unearthed, pumped, cleaned removed and disposed of properly including some special waste soil. McDonagh then leveled the site getting it ready for use.