Client – City of Chicago Fleet & Facility Management (2FM)

Project – Goldblatts Water Tower Removal; 1615 W. Chicago Ave.

Overview -The Goldblatts Water Tower is a Historic Landmark wood and steel tie structure at approximately 18 feet in diameter x 23 feet tall supported by a masonry tower above a six story government building.

Due to the age and deterioration of the water tower, the City of Chicago / 2FM recommended its removal as a life safety issue.

Our highly professional approach, expertly skilled staff and a carefully coordinated partnering with our premier, top-tier Crane companies, enabled McDonagh to demonstrate what can be accomplished on such a complex project.  The Goldblatt’s Water Tower removal, which first had to be secured, then relocated to ground level, carefully disassembled, organized and stored for the City, had a variety of interesting obstacles including a very limited weight capacity to the surrounding deck, poor integrity of the tank itself and its weight, as well as the height to access the tank, with very limited space in which to maneuver it, and all in a narrow window of time.



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